Makegradualadditions vs. Makeover

There’s something to be said about getting lost in work and stress and such.  I really do need to think about my inability to balance, but I don’t want to think about that right now, so instead, I’m going to rewind and recap the Madison makeover trip.

After some unsuccessful browsing at various boutiques and Urban Outfitters, SS and I headed to the mall, where we found one new look for me at H & M:  tunic and leggings.

My tunic-and-leggings looks (there are three of them) are a lot more like the middle picture than the others.  They’re cute and summery, and they’re not jeans, so there’s a little something different going on.  We also found some really cute little roll-up capri-ish pants that will be good for casual weekend looks.  At some point, there will be pictures; I just don’t know when.  (If the grumpy-pants dude at H & M wouldn’t have been so. . . well. . . grumpy, there would be pictures of everything.  He wasn’t into documentation.  Or shared dressing rooms.)

Otherwise, I really didn’t like anything I tried on.  Poofy skirts are ugly, I can’t do high-waisted pants, and I don’t pull off the flowy giant top look so well either.  I tried them all on, and SS thought they were cute, but because of my limited fundage, if I don’t love the way I look, there’s no point in spending the money.

Our hair plans ended up fortuitously canceled when Sigrid had a family emergency that kept her away from work.  Luckily, there were two openings at this sweet salon that SS and I had spied while out earlier.  I got my rockstar blue streak and lots of sweet layers.  It’s not a huge change, but it was enough to make me happy.

So really, there haven’t been any before-and-after worthy changes yet, but I have added a couple of outfits and some new layers to my look.  The Columbus shopping trip is coming soon, so maybe that will add a bit, too.

At this very moment, though, I’m looking at a pair of yellow Chucks and some sweet new blue nail polish (both birthday presents) and thinking that I kinda like what I’ve got goin’.