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Six-Month Snapshot

November 9, 2011

Little Asher Man,

What happened?  What’s with the crazy number of posts and then dead silence for months?  Well, you happened, Mister!  You’re a lot of fun right now–a lot more fun, in fact, than blogging or grading or cleaning or. . . really anything that doesn’t involve you.  So while you’re awake, we are all about you, you, you, and everything else just has to wait.

But right now, it’s 10:56 a.m. on November 9 (actually, it’s the day before, and I’m blogging during my office hour), and you’ve been out in this world for exactly six months, so it’s time for some documentation:

Nicknames — Grandma calls you her little Toot.  Daddy and I call you lots of things:  Squirt (still our favorite), AMP, Little Man, Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Squirtopotamus are the most often used ones.  Jimpaw and Nana still call you Asher, which is good because otherwise, with all these nicknames, you might not ever learn your real name!

Activities — You LOVE your exersaucer.  There’s a light-up, musical chameleon on it that plays repetitive songs about red, yellow, and blue (while lighting up in those colors), and you love making that thing play music.  And because you’re teething right now, you love chomping on the wings of the dragonfly, too.  You’re so long, though, that you’re about to be too big for that one.  You can almost stand up out of the seat.  The jumping seat still has some growing room, though, and you’re a pretty big fan of spinning a froggy on that one, so you should be entertained for a while.

You still like to listen to music and sing, but lately you’re doing a lot of babbling–your favorite noises being babababa and mamamama.  Oh, and the yelling. . . yep — that started this week, too.  I think you figured out that you can change the volume and pitch of your voice to tell us off, and you’re making good use of that skill.  You’re getting really frustrated lately because you know exactly what parts have to move in order to crawl, but you haven’t synchronized them enough to be mobile just yet.  It’s coming, though.  And in the meantime, you’re happy to just roll around to your chosen destination. When you don’t want to roll, you like to sit up.  Just this week, you started pulling your head forward to get to a sitting position all by yourself.  And with every new advance, I get excited and sad at the same time–excited that you’re growing and learning and sad that this is all going by so darn fast.  But it’s fun to watch.  And I am ALWAYS proud of you.

Oh!  And I can’t forget your comfort activity:  opening and closing your little fist on all sorts of surfaces–your head, your fuzzy pajamas, your soft blankets, the glider, my fleece jacket, daddy’s smooth dress shirts, the Pack-n-Play pad.  You do it constantly while you’re nursing and while you’re getting ready to fall asleep.  And because your little fists are still pudgy and dimpled, it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Favorites — Red is still most definitely your favorite color.  If it’s red, you’re all about it–even if that means Ohio State football games (we’ll talk about that bad choice later).  You LOVE banana.  You’re not so in love with rice cereal or apple. . . not even on a red spoon out of a red bowl.  And really, you’re not so in love with eating from a spoon either.  I think you’re just impatient because you want to get that little belly full faster, but we’re working on it.  [Edited to add:  We discovered today that the real “problem” is that you’re so independent that you want to hold the spoon yourself.  EVERYTHING gets eaten if you get to (help) hold the spoon.]  Good thing, too, because we’re expecting those two lower little teeth to show up any day now.

Personality — You are the happiest, sweetest kid I’ve ever known, and that’s not mommy bias.  Everyone comments on how happy you are and how much you smile.  As soon as you wake up, you’re smiling.  When you meet a new person, you smile.  When Abby walks into the room, you smile (and sometimes giggle, too).  When Daddy comes home, when we play Superman, when I open the back door to get you out of the car, when I ask you any version of “Who’s the _____est kid?!”. . . all smiles.  A few people have said that you look like me, but I think it’s all the smiling.  You’re affectionate like mommy, too!  You like to put both hands on people’s cheeks to show affection, and very recently you’ve started giving open-mouthed slobbery kisses, even to the dog.

As I predicted, you are by far the coolest kid I’ve ever known.  And even when you’re teething and constantly hungry from a growth spurt and having a hard time breathing through your snotty little nose, you’re still an easygoing, fun, happy little guy.

And I’m one lucky mama.

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