Recipe Review

The Buffalo Shrimp was definitely a success.  The hubs and I both really enjoyed the dish, and he’s already planning on using the recipe with wings.  The grilled flavor on the shrimp* and the mix of butter and hot sauce in the sauce really make this recipe (and give it a little something different so that it’s not just a wings recipe thrown onto shrimp).  There’s something really nice about the combination of spice with good, rich butter that works on shrimp.  And because of the bold flavor of the sauce, it pairs nicely with red wine, which, let’s face it, should be the test of every dinner recipe.

Also, no serious cooking skills were required to pull this off, but it tastes good enough to serve to guests.  That’s always a bonus!

With the shrimp, we had campfire potatoes, which were pretty darn yummy (and so easy).  I didn’t make the packets flat enough so that all of the potatoes got browned on the foil, but even the ones that didn’t still had a nice flavor from the garlic and spices.

Next up — shrimp and sausage skewers. 

*Even though the recipe says the shrimp can be cooked stovetop, I don’t think that would be as good.


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