Shame on me

I’ve been thinking a lot about my vision board for the upcoming second installment of B4.  I’m having a hard time moving my thinking away from things I already have and love.  My tendency, it seems, is to just want a replenished supply of my favorite (often guilty) pleasures.  But if this vision board business is as powerful as it seems, then I should use it for really incredible, important things that I don’t yet have. 

So that those pleasures that will not make it onto the board are duly noted and appreciated, I give you Bee’s top ten guilty pleasures:

  1. Dry red wine
  2. Deep, dark chocolate (we’re talking 75% or more cocoa)
  3. Extra sharp white cheddar cheese
  4. Chuck Taylors (these still might make it onto the board because I’d like a green pair)
  5. Booty shakin’ songs, like this and this
  6. Sushi
  7. Silly commercials like this and this
  8. Large silver hoop earrings
  9. Pretty office supplies
  10. Fuzzy creatures–particularly dogs

One thought on “Shame on me

  1. I am having the same problem. Also, being in Florida for the week before vision boards are due has really thrown me off my game. I needed another week! Argh.

    BTW, ditto on the top ten, sistah from anothah mothah.

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