Oh the Humiliation!

My buddy JD recently introduced me to Humiliation–a geek’s party game that involves confessing some major literary works you’ve never read and earning points based on the number of people in the room who have read said works.  He only got one point from me, and being the competitive freak I am (even if it means competing for the rank of least well-read geek on the planet), I am setting out now to beat his weak one point with hundreds.  Here’s my list:

1.  Any of the Harry Potter books

2.  Any of The Lord of the Rings trilogy

3.  100 Years of Solitude

4.  Pride and Prejudice

5.  Song of Solomon

6.  Brave New World

7.  War and Peace

8.  Lolita

9.  Middlemarch

10. Midnight’s Children

Tally ’em up!


5 thoughts on “Oh the Humiliation!

  1. I’ve only read two of these – Brave New World and Pride and Prejudice

    I think it would take me a while to come up with a list of 10 like this, it is much easier to think of the books I’ve read than the ones I haven’t =)

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