Spring has sprung in the subdivision

Sunshine, blue skies, sprouts of daylilies and daffodils.  Spring has arrived at our house.  On our walk today, Abby and I found out the whole neighborhood is feelin’ it.

Sidewalk chalk on driveways

People washing cars

Dog friends in their yards, ready to greet us on our walk

Super Yard Neighbors doing who knows what to their lawns

The smell of burning fall leaves, left over in firepits from before the snow started

Motorcycles and convertibles pulled out of garages

At some point, I will have forgotten how painful it was to walk Abby in sub-zero temperatures through three inches of snow.  I will be annoyed at the amount of yard work there is to be done (and my utter failure to make even the smallest dent in that list).  I will be self-conscious about how bad my flowerbeds look.  Today, though, I’m grateful.

It’s about time you got your act together, Mother Nature.


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