Silver lining on my very own personal rain cloud

I’ve been channeling this guy a whole lot lately.  That’s one reason I haven’t blogged:  I can’t write about the nasty things happening right now.  I don’t want to.  Obviously, though I adore Eeyore, this is not at all my style.  My friends at work call me Bee, partially because of EB, but partially also because I’m a person who’s busy being happy and doing my thing.  My glasses are always rosy, and I usually have my own personal ray of sunshine following me around in my adventures.

Still, the shitstorm that’s been raining down from above while others are having sunshine blown up their arses the past few days has made it really hard to see anything beyond. . . well. . . the shit.  And this blog is no place for self-indulgent moping about fecal clouds. 

While I’m nowhere near done with them, some recent reflection on the week’s events has me feeling lucky–lucky to have a husband who is truly my partner, friends who love me and who believe in me enough to put their names on the line, and a mom who may not understand the details but who is protective and sympathetic nonetheless.

So these are the things I will choose to remember (or at least document) about this part of my story.  I will remember that HP allowed me to be sad for as long as I needed to be sad for and intuitively understood when I needed him to be angry, when I needed him to be supportive, and when I just needed him.  I will remember that SS was the very first person I called with the news and that she was dragged in to share the shitstorm with me, which she did with her characteristic kindness and conscientiousness.  I will remember that JD sprang into action, eager to fight, fight, fight against injustice and to remind me of my worth.  I will remember that SH exercised her sweet rhetorical muscles while we both wore out our crying muscles.  I will remember that my mom knew all of the right curse words to use when I was ready to be angry and all of the right topics to avoid when I couldn’t talk.

I’m not stupid enough to come out of this thinking I’m invincible.  I’m not challenging the cosmos to bring it on.  I need a break, and I’m sure my army does, too. 

Still, when all is said and done, the fact that I have an army is sweet.


One thought on “Silver lining on my very own personal rain cloud

  1. Oh, Bee. We’re the ones who are lucky to know you. You’ll get through this with moxy, courage, and aplomb. Eeyore, you’re not.

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