My latest obsession

To some, they’re a pesky little lawn-ruining jerk of a weed. 

To me, they’re a lovely combination of fragile and tenacious–a plant dedicated to reminding us all to have wishes and to believe in magic. 

Pop a dandelion print on something, and immediately it goes on my très cute, want-it-bad list.  I like their whimsy.  And if there’s anything lacking in the stressed-out, taxed, deflated, run-down grown-ups I know (you know–that person I turn into when I pay bills and then follow that up with a lovely evening of grading), it’s most definitely whimsy.  I have plans for a black chalkboard wall with dandelion decals in my office.  I’ve been lusting after the tiny dandelion necklace from Lulu Bug (below) for-e-va.  And really–who doesn’t need a green laptop bag with a dandelion on it?!


Warning:  Images link to gorgeously irresistible etsy shops.

Of course, the beauty of being me and having seriously limited funds is that I’ve learned to find great joy in making plans and looking at pretty things (instead of owning them).  I won’t be going on any irresponsible dandelion-buying binges any time soon.


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