He’s a frickin’ comedian

A husband and wife sit on either side of a sectional sofa, both leaning over dinner plates sitting atop a coffee table.  Money Train, starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, plays on the television.

Wife:  Why are two cops thinking of robbing a train?  Is there some special situation that makes them financially desperate here?

Husband:  I’m not sure.  I can’t remember.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this.

[minutes pass]

Wife:  So he’s going to come into the apartment because he just got beaten up and he knows where the key is, and he’s going to see them in bed together, and he’s going to be crushed because he’s really into her.  (Notice the unclear pronoun referents.)

[Husband nods] (which is really more of an I-don’t-need-your-play-by-play-and-it’s-not-really-that-important-that-you-understand-this-since-we’re-just-waiting-to-build-a-DVR-cushion-for-House dismissive nod than anything.)

Wife:  Hey — weren’t they both in White Men Can’t Jump?

Husband:  Yep.

Husband:  Woody Harrelson played the white man.


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