Thinking Cap

 After spending entirely too much time window-shopping on Etsy, lusting after gorgeous newsboy caps, I decided to find a pattern online and have a go at making my own.  The first one–a gorgeous, soft, and completely impractical cream-colored one flopped.  I was using yarn and a needle that were both way too big for the pattern, and I ended up with a floppy rasta hat (that I’m not nearly cool enough to pull off but that might someday find use in a costume or something. . . unless I become friends with someone with a REALLY GIANT head or really sweet dreds, in which case, I’ll have the perfect Christmas gift). 

So I made some adjustments and tinkered with the pattern some and finally ended up with this.  I’ll probably make at least one more because I still have plenty of that creamy yarn. . . and there’s still that gorgeous lime green yarn waiting to be turned into something fabulous.

I think I like it.  And it’s one crafty thing I did over break.


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