Goals for 2010

(Shhh. . . this is actually a procrastination post while I continue to try to figure out what in the heck my word is going to be this year.)

I like lists.  I like the sick satisfaction I get from crossing things off of lists, too.  So here’s my list for 2010:

  • Devote every weekend to home, husband, and/or friends.  No internet/computer/work!
  • Read more. Read more fun books.  Read at least 2 fun books a month.
  • Write more personal stuff.  Grading and assignments do not count.
  • Continue to streamline the grading/teaching/committeeing process so that the time I spend better reflects my priorities.
  • Work out–more than walking the dog–at least three times a week.
  • Pack a yummy, nutritious lunch and snacks at least four times a week.
  • Spend less on unnecessary items, and use that money to pay down debt.
  • Get into a financial situation that makes it feasible to buy a new car. . . preferably a hybrid SUV with 4wd.  🙂
  • Experiment more with cooking–at least one new meal a month.

5 thoughts on “Goals for 2010

  1. The writing is all I’m doing consistently, D. My 19.5 ECH–the crazy amount of feedback/grading and the admin hours. . . not to mention the tenure drama–is probably too much. Someday, I’ll get it figured out. I’m making a little bit of progress every semester.

    • There is tenure drama??

      19.5 ECH is a ton! I can’t imagine reading that much of their wonderful writing. I can’t even stand to read all the emails I get!

      I have 20 ECH, but it just isn’t the same. I do have lots of grading, but it isn’t all their writing.

    • BTW,
      I think one out of nine is pretty good! I bet there are lots of people who aren’t holding true to ANY at this point!

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